Music I Like & Their Meanings

I decided to make this page after listening to Blue Monday on repeat for 2 hours.
I sadly cannot link mp4's here as I am not a supporter, but I will provide a link to the song. I mostly write about 70s and 80s songs, but some exceptions may be passed.

I'll share my thoughts and feelings about the songs I link aswell. I only typically talk about a song or two from one album & or the whole album; it depends.
No means of plagiarism intended; this is only for fun and not for profit! If you would like any of your material removed/taken down, please ask!

Songs Queue: Tainted Love by Soft Cell, Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash, When Doves Cry by Prince, Garden Of Delete (Album) by Oneohtrix Point Never, Go Insane (Single) by Lindsey Buckingham, Tourist History (Possibly? I may just talk about a few songs) by Two Door Cinema Club (More coming soon; not in order)

This page will eventually be formatted different; I might make several pages and make a list of each of the songs/albums I review (?)


Page One

Blue Monday by New Order
Problem Causer by 4lung Deleted. might redo